WIFI 4 Coffee shop,restaurant

contact US if you are looking for WIFI setup at coffee shop and restaurant, schools , Clinic , Hospital

3 steps Easy plug and play wifi with printer for coffee shops


Watch this Video







Provide Access with Facebook login ,

A power full 1 Watt WIFI router can work harder with small     facebook
monthly fee , simply give Free access to your customer , let them like your Facebook share your  Facebook and follow your twitter , finally you have all customers email which  you can send all offer , fully optimized splash page , and perfect for coffeshop owners to do marketing


Cheap and simple Solution for start up Business 

If you are looking to setup wifi Hotspot for your Hotel Coffeshop in Dubai

What is Hotspot and how it works ?

You have limited and bandwidth for your coffeshop and you want to keep all you customer happy with giving them free WIFI access and equal bandwidth  , Normally anyone can setup an access point  and there is 2 way to give access via Wireless  1- Let anyone connect  2-t put a password to access your wifi ,

In first option anyone can connect with your wifi watch youtube , use torrent  browse as much as they like especially your neighbors  and your customers , they can buy a cup of coffee and enjoying 2 or 3 hours free internet !

2- In second option you have to put wireless code and give to your customer ,But you need to change it on daily basis to avoid everyone connecting by your shared password. You have to assign someone to do it  to it and no one taking care of this ,and it is not ideal to have IT person and pay him monthly salary to this Job only!

The best solution should have WIFI hotspot System which can

  1. Limit the bandwidth for each user for example , if you have 2 Mbps you can share with 5-10 user  each get 400 Kbps- 200Kbp  at the same time with equal bandwidth
  2. Limit the time for each user and give them one hour access with each purchase
  3. Encourage/Push your customer to order from menu and get new code and it will bring you more revenue
  4. Advertise your menu it is simple any one connect to your wifi and try to browse it will redirect it to your menu /promotion first
  5. Can  push/redirect  to see your website first  after they enter the code
  6. Can generate code  via internet via any browser with no knowledge of networking
  7. Give access Cahier /admin to see the create new code ,see  used codes and all other status like MAC address of customer, remaining usable time for each customer
  8. Be plug and play and need to connect via your existing Router


Free Cloud-Based Hotpots Controller for coffee shop 

In this setup , you will need to register an account with cloud controller , as well as setup special router to talk to the cloud , you will be able to give limited time and bandwidth ticket for your customer to use the Wifi .Your customer will be redirected after successful login to your website or facebook page and then they able to browse , after certain time customer access will stop and need to re enter the code ,Operator can monitor the site via mobile app.


                            SMS Authentication for access  

Authenticate your customer with sms to keep the record of your customer mobile number

WIFI   can  be accessed by customers with a  real mobile number. mobile Number can be used to record people in case of illegal activities when you provide WIFI  or can be used in an SMS advertising

asfasf index


Large Shopping Mall WIFI solution  


Collect Mobile Number , Name , Email address In database plus push User to login + like Facebook to Get access , This setup suitable for 500 + users


What Needed :

1-Hosting                                                                                    shopping mall wifi


3-Backup server ” onsite  or Cloud ”

4-Powerful Router

5- Internet Via Fiber Optic minimum 100 Mbps *3

6-Facebook Page ” business  one ”

7-AC Access points

8-GigaBit Switches and Fiber optic Line to connect all Network “LAN ”





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