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 Simply fill this  form ,  If you’re looking in Dubai IT support/ Computer Repair  /wireless Router Modem setup   /Laptop repair /Networking  ,

  • IT support/Consulting at Home/Small Office/Home Office
  • Networking Installation-You can share the Internet, printers, & files from anywhere in your premises.
  • Configuring Airport express
  • Configuring Time Capsule
  • Configuring Airport Extreme , mirror your IPAD via WIFI to apple TV
  • setup airplay for your Apple device mirror your music from Itune to speaker via airport express or  sonos
  • setup sonos  and control your sound system via Network anywhere in the home
  • Print from IPAD,Iphone
  • Itune setup with Apple tv
  • Website design and domain registering  , Email Registration 
  • Mikrotik  Router  setup
  • Access and share files Live any time, anywhere
  • Connecting Airport Extreme with your Elife Connection.
  • CABLING solutions- Want to wire your Villa/Small Office for networking.
  • Want to extend range of your Wireless network using  range extender , Port Forwarding for Games on playstation 
  • WiFi Hotspot Setup for your internet Cafe, restaurant coffee shop, WIFI billing System
  •  Antivirus installation configuration and fix your PC
  • Removing Virus/Worms/Trojans/Spyware/Malware
  • Set up or secure wireless home network.Limit Bandwidth for Maid or Guest
  • Fix your Desktop/PC/Laptop if it is working slowly.
  • Clean unwanted files, fix registry & remove corrupted registry entry
  • Auto backup Setup With  NAS ,for office, access your file through internet 
  • help to Access your home data from office /Help to access your office data/file from home or anywhere via internet
  • setup NAS with Plex , amazon fire TV , stream your video to your TV with same Network
  • Outlook backup and restore/transferring outlook backup from old laptop to new laptop  
  • optimizing Your WIFI Network “Guest and main ” with limited bandwidth
  • securely connect between 2 offices. and share files for database
  • Troubleshoot your Office Network and consulting, Fully Automated backup Solution ,Raid
  • Complete the Form and i will get back to you as soon as possible
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Extend Extra 15 GB cloud space to Your Iphone IPAD

Many people complaining  for iphone 16 GB space , i found following steps  is useful to add 15 GB cloud space and transfer all doc /music/video to that space

To do this , you can simply add /edit /delete any file on your your cloud account and it reflect on your Mobile , so it will make you Job easy to get rid of Itune program , usb cable and even  you can download any music and video and transfer and get it via your IPHONE , IPAD

What Needed ?

1-Gmail Account , You can make new Gmail account or use  your current  account

2-Google Drive App you can download from app store

3-Login to your Google Drive account both in PC and Mobile or IPAD , On your computer open Safari or Google chrome copy and paste this link or simply click


4-Click New button  ,then  create 4 Different Folders  with different names like shown below



5- open each folder and simply Drag all your Files /music /photo /video to each folder

make sure  total size of these files are not exceeded more than 15 GB

following shows i have added two different music




6-Now open Drive app on Iphon/ipad and you will be able to see same folders

Keep all setting at default

Now you can play music , access your Video /Photo or access your document

once you open them via app it will be availble on mobile and possible to availble offline

Note : To clear the storage used via this App , simply logout /login of your google account in drive and it clear all offline files 


1-You have 15 GB cloud storage

2-easy to modify add /remove files with PC or other device and it update with no cable /Itine on Iphone

3-No need to use Itune ,  you can transfer your songs photo document without itune


1-Need internet connection to access file and you need to enable offline view to view offline files

2-take space once you open files on iphone but this can be fixed by login/logout from your google drive Account











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Optimize Skype voice Quality and Browsing Speed while using Torrent

Here i want to explain you how heavy user on your Network can degrade the Skype voice quality and browsing speed
Assume you have 8 Mbps connection for download and 2 Mbps upload and 4 Active user connecting at same time to your WIFI Router,
if User A try to watch Youtube and use torrent this will consume 4 Mbps of your internet bandwidth and only 4 Mbps left  , just imagine other 2 user used another 4 Mbps connection and in the same time you want to make Skype call , or browse , in this case voice is choppy and browsing quality is Bad , You can implement one of following and optimize  the bandwidth usage  simply keep all users Happy
1-Enable QOS on the Router and if You have Linux Router you can enable QOS for Skype and browsing and give priority for usage
2-Use professional Router  Like Mikrotik and divide your Bandwidth to two different part or use Queue option
in this case you can assign two different SSID ” WIFI ” one for guest and one for main with different range of Network
assign 2 Mbps for Guest and assign 4 Mbps for your usage , this will guarantee Guest only get 2 Mbps , Volla
other advance setup is to enable and define Queue , In this case Mikrotik will inspect all packets traveling from Your Network  and detect  the usage , this is the key now we can tell router hey capture Skype , Browsing and Torrent !!!!
send Skype first then Browsing and finally Torrent , Gues what now !
You can easily use Skype voice ,browse normally and finally keep your torrent running , if you not sure how to do it i can help you with this
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Limit access to WIFI for coffeshop

There is many way to give access to the customer

1-Give the customer free access to wifi

2-secure your WIFI  with password and give the password to the customer and use your net with password

But in these two ways you don’t have any  control

In first option anyone get WIFI  signal will use your internet connection , but your connection speed is limited and people misuse it

by downloading torrent watching YouTube ….

2nd option is the same but with single password!, Just think if you give password to your customer and they share it again don’t have any choice but you have to keep change the password and assign someone to to it , if you lucky other router setup not changed !!

Another disadvantage of above is , people order a coffee and you need to wait until they decide to go , simply you can’t ask them to order or leave the place

There are many way to control this ….. and push customer to pay for hat they use , also in this case all customer get efficent bandwidth speed plus limited time , it means with single connection of 8 Mbps you can serve 16 active user at the same time

How System Works ?!

Lets say you  decide to go coffee shop you need to purchase a coffee and  you get a code ” for example Starbucks”

You will enter the code to coffee shop  WiFi landing page and you get access for 1 hr while enjoying coffe

with limited bandwidth and time

What is the benefit of having WIFI  hostpot

  1. You do not need to have huge bandwidth for all customer easily  you can bring the cost of you internet down by having 2 Mbps and you can serve 10 customer with 256 Kb/s which will be enough for checking mail and skype call!
  2. Customer have unique password”code” which expire at specific time or amount of date they used
  3. You can put cap of data usage,to limit people using your internet for torrent  and grantee all your user get same speed
  4. User will logout automatically after certain of time and usage .
  5. It will increase your sell  because  will give free internet access only if they purchase
  6. You can advertise your business by using WiFi hotspot  24/7/365 means you will have open WiFi so every one can connect to it and they redirect to your page , you can advertise your menu and offer ! also coll thing about this is i can setup a rules on Router to divert customer each 5 minutes to see your menu advert , advertise for Free !!
  7. You can control your wifi hostpot even if not at the same place and generate code , also you will get report on daily basis for total code used to monitor the sales and usage .

What you need for this and how  it can be done ?

1- this can be done in many way and you can compare it

1st – have a PC with software and 2 lan card .You have be an expert to login to this PC and make code ,you need additional Router to attach to this server

in this case you should consider following

1- Cost of New PC which will be 2000 DH ~ 3000 DH

2-Software licence  1000 DH ~ 3000 DH ~

3-IT support and expert to work with system

4- N series Router 500 DH ~1500 DH

Issue with this Setup !

1-1Place for PC and it should run all the time

1-2it consume huge amount of electricity minimum 1000 Watt  and you should consider in commercial place !!

1-3An expert for managing it , maintenance fee , or AMC contract with IT company which is not less than 300 $ and you will not get right support at right time specially overcrowded day

2nd– option is to use some company which they give you this  facility via cloud   and you can mange it online

Issue with this Setup !

2-1You need to pay for the could services

2-2 Need order special Hardware and locally no warranty available for this

2-3 Cloud service provider may experience downtime same you will get affected

3rd :Best option is to have single Hardware  which do all Job and you Pay one time solution.

  • limit bandwidth and time for you
  • You can access from anywhere and manage it
  • Very easy to work , Just simple Click on Hardware and get Codes by email or oven print directly to Hp- printer
  • No need any IT support
  • Free 5 minutes access per 24 Hrs per device to show you that you are providing  WIFI
  • Self voucher code generation to show that you offering wifi with your service
  • Not very expensive
  • You can put anywhere in your coffee shop ,restaurant
  • It is configured so you don’t need to do any changes just use it !
  • low electricity consumption

Where you can use this system 

1-Coffe shop


3-Sharing accommodation for Labor Camp

Complete the Contact Form and i will get back  to you as soon as possible

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